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bands / artists
beat down sound (boston, ma - ben´s other band)
beija (chicago, il)
chris connelly (chicago, il)
the dishes (chicago, il)
jenny choi (chicago, il)
monument to masses (san francisco, ca)
panda panda (chicago, il)
portrait perfume (chicago, il)
rdie (chicago, il)
showshane (detroit, mi)
sweeder (chicago, il - chiyoko´s other band)
suntan (boston, ma)
triple whip (champaign, il)
the ivory coast (boston, ma)

empty bottle (chicago, il)
hideout (chicago, il)
400Bar (minneappolis,mn)

radio (more links to come!) online streaming underground radio

alternative press (cleveland, oh)
copper press (acme, mi)
fakejazz (new haven, ct)
heldlikesound (washington, dc)
magnet magazine (philadelphia, pa)
metromix (chicago, il)
pitchfork (chicago, il)
sincere brutality (portland, or)
splendidezine (cleveland, oh)

insound cds/lps/zines (buy cinematic here)
reckless records cds/lps (buy cinematic here)
parasol mail order (buy cinematic here)
specimen products handmade aluminum guitars, amps, instrument repairs - chicago, il

Hopper-PR contact Jessica Hopper here for print promotions.
McGathy Promotions contact Kate, Brad or Marie 888.744.8636 for radio promotions.

Carrot Top
Revolver / Midheaven