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Chiyoko Yoshida has been playing in bands for the past 10 years. Earlier years were spent fronting a chicago band Squash Blossom on vocals and guitar circa 1990 - 1997. Guitar is her main instrument, but she´s also is known about town for drumming and singing in Chicago´s Sweeder.

Chiyoko has been singing in some form from a very early age yet she would not consider her voice a viable instrument for many years. When she was 10 years old she´d met Keith Richards and picked up her first electric guitar at the age of 13. By 21 she´d set her sites on being in band and playing guitar. Singing would be an after thought. As her musical aspirations became a reality, people in the press have compared her voice with those of Elizabeth Fraser, Kristin Hersch, Chrissie Hynde, and PJ Harvey. She definitely has been inspired by these women but has found her own place in comparison. She has appeared in duets and backing vocals with the Kevin Junior [Chamber String´s Gospel Morning], Chris Connelly [Chris Connelly and the Bells´s Blonde Exodus], Jeff Mueller [June of 44´s Anahata], Isaac Brock [Modest Mouse´s The Moon & Antartica] and on her own debut album with Jeff Carleton [Sweeder´s Swallowed by the Sun).

Chiyoko would take on new challenges after the break up of Squash Blossom. She´d hoped to give up song writing entirely yet found herself writing besides her intentions to give music a rest. Trying to find time away from guitars and songs proved impossible. Slowly she began working with long time friend and producer/engineer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Red Red Meat) on new material. Together they began what was initially a recording project. The goal was simple. To make a record they loved.

It is only now after some time that she is venturing out to the public with her own material. Chiyoko and Deck´s collaborations produced four songs recorded over the past years in bits and pieces. These songs are the foundation for the amazing debut CD Cinematic.

Chiyoko has moved to a new phase in her musical career and that is to bring this musical endeavor to the stage. She currently resides in Chicago where she is working with musicians to take what was a recording project to the streets and continues to write new material for her second album. Chiyoko will bring her band and her music to places near you. This is the very beginning of much more to come.

Chiyoko is currently performing live dates with by Jeff Carleton: Keyboards [currently also a member of sweeder and Sin Ropas, formerly of squash blossom]

Photo by Chiyoko